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Safety Razors vs. Straight Razors

If you ask men about shaving, they will probably tell you thousands of things about it. Some may be wrong while some may be right. Among the many tools, tips and techniques involved in shaving, it is time to look at two tools that we commonly see in almost all households. These two types of razor are very effective in terms of giving and resulting to a smooth shave. Read on to know more about these two and a couple of useful shave tips that you can use.


A Safety Razor is a tool that we often see everywhere. You can easily find this and it will come in differing qualities. It has a solid handle, single blade and a sturdy head. Its blade can be replaced and changed anytime. Since a safety razor is like all those disposable razors we can see in the market, it is good to know that it only differs because it does not have built in moisturizers in the head of the razor or on its blade. However, this is more durable and sturdier than those disposable ones. It is usually made of metal and does not have any portion made of plastic. The advantage of using a safety razor is that you do not have to overdo the learning process. It is very easy to use and is effective in getting rid of those hairs. You do not have to put much effort into it, you do not have to push and press it as it should do its work naturally. And since this type needs blades for replacements, you can easily get one from stores and shops. You can even purchase them online to make it easier. This can also work for different types of the body, you can check out great reviews about the product to know which one to get.


A Straight Razor may intimidate you at first because of its long straight blade and its long handle. The blade folds up into the handle so you do not have to worry about carrying it. It can be portable and it definitely gives you protection from the blade. This tool is usually seen in barbershops. The best thing about this is you do not have to buy another razor after purchasing it. You just have to maintain the blade properly to make sure it does not go blunt. This type of razor may require you to practice and learn how to use it as it can be difficult for the first time. However, you will be surprised at how this type can give you the closest shave for your face. Plus, this one does not usually cause irritations unlike other types of razors. On your search for the perfect razor, make sure you consider your safety, its effectiveness, its compatibility with your skin type and with its price. Go for quality with convenience. This will not disappoint you. And once you find yours, you can easily use it on a daily basis.